Gynarchic Love Boat #2 “Lady’s Island”


Those few who already met the guests of “Sapphic Princess” will be happy to learn more about them in these 50 pages of full colour and high quality renders.

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The Sapphic Princess is now sailing on Caribbean Sea to the small island where Lady Cynthia, an old friend to Jennifer, the owner of the yacht, lives with her new wife, another indigenous lesbian couple and a slave to serve them.  From the departure, the famous movie star Jessica Carfield is wooing Debby, the pretty ship’s hostess, whom the boyfriend, Johnny who is also employed on the yacht (but as a member of the efficient “Male Maids Staff”) is going to feel jealousy. A violent crisis during the second night will put the jealous cuckold into the hands of the professional domina, Diana Majestic, and his function aboard, as well as his fate, could be change…

Gynarchic Love Boat #2 “Lady’s Island”

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