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Gynarchy International, first worldwide non-profit gynarchist organization, is happy to welcome you.
Our aim is to give you better knowledge about Gynarchy, to share tools and advice about how to contribute to an increase in the number of Gynarchist families and societies, gather all Women, Girls and males that believe in gynarchist ideas.

Gynarchy International, première organisation mondiale gynarchiste à but non lucratif, est heureuse de vous accueillir.
Notre objectif est de vous donner une meilleure connaissance de la Gynarchie, de partager avec vous outils et conseils pour contribuer à multiplier les familles et les sociétés gynarchistes, de rassembler toutes les Femmes, les Filles et les mâles qui croient aux idées gynarchistes.

Gynarchy Internacional, primera organizacion mundial sin fines de lucro, se complace en darla la bienvenida.
Nuestro objetivo es darla un mejor conocimiento de la Ginarquia, compartir con todas herramientas y consejos para contribuir a multiplicar las familias y las sociedades ginarquistas, juntar todas las Mujeres, las Chicas y los machos que creen en las ideas ginarquistas.

2 new paperback titles

Two novels by Aline d’Arbrant are now available in english :

Decontaminated Zone Sapphix Revenge
After Nuclear Shake V all males are contaminated and the human race seems doomed. But a female community settled somewhere to escape the global scourge, the F Zone. There males are enslaved and domesticated to enable women to survive in bearable conditions. It was here that goes Vic, sassy young woman, beautiful and powerful, when she crosses Rod, then seduces and enslaves him to assist her in his journey to the decontaminated area. But if survival is assured for women and males who submit to them, the life keep difficult and very dangerous, especially for males and Rod. A terrible sci-fi story, prefiguration of the necessary future gynarchy. To be read by informed adults only. A love story badly ends because of a possessive macho. But another starts well between two young girls who meet each other at the right time… But the man is vindictive and resents seeing a young and beautiful woman which not only replaces him in the arms of his girlfriend but even better sends him to spend some days in jail. So it tries to avenge the insult by the despicable ways that characterize him. So it only remains for the lesbian couple to find a radical revenge for enjoying their new love and happiness…


Tout Aline d’Arbrant en format Kindle !

Toutes les oeuvres d’Aline d’Arbrant (en français) sont désormais accessibles en format Kindle® (Amazon).
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Collection Gynarchy Poche

Toutes les œuvres d’Aline d’Arbrant en collection de poche !

Bonne nouvelle, la version originale française de tous les essais, romans et nouvelles gynarchistes de l’écrivaine sont enfin édités en collection de poche (à moins de 15 euros chacun). Les 14 titres (les nouvelles ont été rassemblées dans deux volumes, Les Aventures de Wandine et Les esclaves de Madame Ti) se trouvent sur la page focus de l’auteure.
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