The Tribades of the Road

  Malvin, the conceited dredger, probably would not have open his car to Jennifer, this beautiful hitchhiker who does not like men and thinks only take advantage of him. But above all, he would not have listened when she asked him to stop to help this other pretty girl, Betty, also hitchhiking on the side of the road.
Both young women will very quickly understand each other, please and love each other for finally deciding to abuse the male who has had the misfortune to be between them. Impressed by the both tribades, the male will be easy to train to their whims. But the bid is not going fast enough for their taste and decide to entrust a professional mistress who will fix him, according to their Lesbians’needs.
A sapphic love story coupled with the rapid degeneration of a male who also, but otherwise, find happiness on the road.


The Three Fairies of Vallyeuse

Jean, for his vacation, chose skiing and snow. In an almost deserted hotel, he is fascinated by three beautiful young women who, early on, despise him. Despite their open contempt, he admiratively look at them. It is not yet clear that they will be the instruments of his destiny… From a story by Boris Vian, Gynarchy International created this book of cartoons in 3D. The three female characters who combine lesbianism and sadism with the same happiness at the expense of too curious male, will remain in all memories.


The Lesbian and her ghost

How a machiavellian lesbian woman organizes and commits the murder of her cuckolded husband for taking his possessions and freely loving her conniving girlfriend. Between the lesbian lovers are the young stepdaughter and stepson of the criminal wife. What will be their destiny ? Will be the ghost of the murdered husband, now haunting the house, able to modify the roles his beautiful murderer decided to give them in her plans ?


The abused masochist

Clothed with leather and whip in hand, the blonde prostitute accosts the masochist client who looks at her with smug admiration and desire. In exchange for a banknote to give her, he agrees to become her slave. But what he ignores is that the reality will far exceed his fantasy …


Slave of the Amazons

The fate of Jim, playboy favored by the nature until he meet the beautiful Lady Cynthia, somewhere on the sea. This rich young girl will deliver him, hands and feet tied, to a tribe of Amazons. But what is her ultimate goal ? A tragic story in 3D Art full color.


Revenge of the Cuckolded Wife

The terrible story, in comics 3d art, of a perverse married man fallen into the hands of a whore with hypertrophied clitoris that will master and make him her slave. By sisterhood, she will deliver him tamed to his wife who will avenge her while learning the pleasures of Lesbos. A cruel story of spousal revenge coupled with a beautiful sapphic love story.


The Pub

A short novel by Aline d’Arbrant, illustrated with 3D Art. This the story of a man whose wife decided to train him with the active complicity of her strong african lesbian barmaid.


His Fantasy or Nightmare

In 3D art (32 pages for about 160 drawings as illustrations for the text of Lez Lee), the story of John who dreams of being the human pet of a lesbian couple. Lizzy would be happy to get a male pet at home but Josie, her girlfriend, isn’t enthusiastic so much. They first have to fix some male attributes totally useless to a pet. Luckily, Lizzy knows how to do it. And that could make the John’s fantasy a nightmare… WARNING! This e-book is for adults only.


Gynarchic Images


This book consists of drawings (made with Poser) that illustrate what could be, what is already here or there, or what will be the ideal gynarchic life. The reader to imagine where and how these scenes unfold, what the characters say that compose them. These « stories without words » are inspired by the stories of Aline Arbrant.


Gynarchic Images 2


Volume 2 of the above book (3d drawings) illustrating a possible gynarchic society. These stories are without words.

Desperate male Slaves #1


Desperate male slaves is a comics magazine in 3D Art dedicated to Lesbians’male slaves and their Mistresses. This first issue is in english and tell the real story of the neighbouring straight couple of an american gynarchist lesbian couple, Ginny and Bruni, The Wife Next Door.

Desperate male Slaves #3


Special Criminal Lesbian Wives ! This third issue of Desperate male slaves gathers two stories about criminal lesbian wives and how they got rid of their annoying husbands, Bad Day for Hubby and A Simple Cuckold Story. Warning! some scènes are very hard and cruel.