Anne Lezdomme

anne06 Anne Lezdomme contributed to the gynarchy through his hard-hitting essay, The Gynarchical Triangle , and by spreading his memories in the form of two photo albums , rich with happy memories and practical suggestions. Since then, his novels, Sorority, The Regyn, The Second Regyn, Losers and Gynarchist Therapies illustrate his original conception of gynarchy but are still no translated into english.



The Gynarchical Triangle is at the same time a psycho-sexual essay presenting a new art of living, a socio-political pamphlet proposing a new type of family unit, a guide to Women, married or not, wanting to free themselves from the yoke of men, a manual aimed both at lesbians and males in the throes of life and a collection of experiences brought by female couples served by males in the four corners of the planet. The « gynarchical triangle » is in fact a new form of relationship between women and men based on the sapphic aspiration shared by all Women and the intrinsic masochistic desire of the male to submit to the Woman. According to the author these two trends are perfectly compatible. This book considers the question from several points of view: that of the lesbian who wishes to conquer a married woman, that of the latter, that of the established lesbian couple and, of course, that of the male who desires a place in this new sapphic organization of the world.















The second photo album of Anne Lezdomme is, in the form of an interview (in french), a short summary of her first experience gynarchist and, at the same time, for her, for his first companion and for the submissive male they had chosen, the memory of a happy time.