Lez Cigales (eng)


place of gynarchist life and meetings

Lez Cigales will be the european gynarchist place.

This place will allow meeting of Girls (alone or in couples) eager to discover the gynarchy or to look further into their practices and to exchange about this topic.


The Girls will have to be members of the Sorority and will have only to pay only their travel to Lez Cigales (or to requisite one of the males of the livestock for it).They will have in exchange to only take part in the collective raising of the males according to their capacities and tastes.
The males must be members of the livestock of the Sorority and to have paid to benefit of the society or to one of the female members of Sorority a participation evaluated in millimes (100 €). Moreover, they will have as well as possible of their possibilities of ensuring outward journey transport and return of the Girls eager to remain at Lez Cigales, to ensure all the domestic service during their stay, to improve the places according to their capacities and of the orders which they will receive and, naturally, to take part in organized collective raisings.
Some males will be able to remain in a permanent way to Lez Cigales if they bring a substantial donation or revenue to association (accepted not its Board of directors) and if they daily contribute to the valorization and the comfort of the places.

To take part financially in the project Lez Cigales
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